Ghislaine Maxwell’s Bid for Freedom

4 min readDec 15, 2020


Is Operation GGO Really Worth a Go?

Ghislaine Maxwell

As first reported in The Daily Telegraph, Operation GGO, (Get Ghislaine Out), led by Brian Basham, along with her siblings and alleged husband Scott Borgerson, has more than just one problem. First off, they seem to think this is about money. Scott Borgerson is willing to put up twenty-five million dollars and forfeit all of it should she decide to flee. Borgerson started Cargometrics, a company that in 2016 received backing from a group of billionaires including Idan Ofer, the richest man in Israel, Eric Schmidt formerly of Google, LOTUS former CEO Jim Manzi, Texan automotive billionaire Billy Joe “Red” McCombs, and Genel Energy founder Mehmet Sepil. Twenty-five million would be a small price to pay for her freedom.

Secondly, you couldn’t think of a more perfect company than the one Scott Borgerson started to create a plan to get her out of the country. CargoMetrics processes hundreds of millions of data points to generate intelligence on every vessel and every cargo that moves at sea. Is it so outrageous to think that she could flee using the high seas? Let us not forget she possesses both a submarine and pilot’s license. This may all seem a little James Bondish but how many people do you know who can pilot both a submarine and helicopter — and when faced with charges — has a bail package proposed by someone who has access to every possible detail of every single ship on the high seas? As far as surrendering her passports, how are we to know she does not also possess a fake one as did her former lover, Jeffrey Epstein?

In addition, Operation GGO is offering to provide a security detail that would forfeit their reputation and one million dollars should she flee. When Ghislaine was arrested and hiding from authorities she was found with her cell phone wrapped in tin foil and seen going into a room and closing the door. The FBI was told following her arrest that the security detail there had been hired by her brothers and were former members of the British military. In other words, the last people you would want to provide security for Ghislaine Maxwell are the Maxwells or anyone in connection with them.

It’s also been reported that Brian Basham and the Maxwells feel that the US authorities are out to get Ghislaine and are “demonizing” her in retaliation for the failure to keep Epstein alive during his incarceration. They claim the United States justice system is being unfair to Ghislaine because she was “not in the same timeframe” during the charges against Epstein. Well, not only has that been found to be untrue, the charges against her are for the years 1994–1997, when she was not only in the same timeframe, but the charges are directly associated with Epstein. Can you really blame the United State justice system for making sure that what clearly went wrong in Epstein’s case should never happen again, especially to someone who is alleged to be his co-conspirator?

How anyone can see her detention as anything other than protecting her only goes to show the sense of entitlement they all seem to have, along with a complete sense of denial of the charges for which she is being accused. Maxwell is at MDC Brooklyn where she has an entire floor to herself and is allowed out of her cell from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. She has access to recreational space, social calls, television, shower, legal telephone calls, email, computers, and discovery material. She is served breakfast at 7:00 AM. At noon she is served her lunch. At 5:00 PM she is served her dinner. Her medical records show she currently weighs 134 lbs., which fluctuates plus or minus 2 lbs. A discovery laptop is available to her from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and at 8:00 PM she has access to discovery material and anything she’s purchased through the commissary. There are nearly 600,000 homeless people in the United States that do not have any such resources and privileges.

Finally, the proposed bail package would release her to the same ‘high profile people she has fought so hard to protect by requesting their names be sealed in order to prevent them from being targeted. It also includes two children. I don’t think anyone needs reminding that it is children she is accused of conspiring to entice to travel to engage in illegal sex acts. Multiple victims have provided detailed, credible evidence according to the prosecution. The recollections of the victims corroborate each other and provide compelling proof of the defendant’s active participation in a disturbing scheme to groom and sexually abuse minor girls. In addition to compelling victim accounts, the victims’ accounts are corroborated by documentary evidence and other witnesses. There are over 1.2 million documents of discovery.

This is not one’s word against another’s. This case involves multiple victims and multiple offenses of the most, and to use Ghislaine Maxwell’s own words here, “heinous crimes.” She has been there almost six months. Is it unreasonable to think she cannot survive another six?