4 min readDec 20, 2020
From Financial Times Joe Cummings Illustrator https://www.cummingsillustrator.com/about

Ghislaine Maxwell’s Big Little Lies

When Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested she stated to Pretrial Services she was married but in the process of divorcing her husband. No one ever knew she was even married much less to who. She refused, when asked, to disclose the identity of this husband. At her bail hearing her council stated her family and friends would be putting up 5M, not her, even though she showed she was worth 3.8M. There was, again, no mention of the husband or him putting up any money. The court denied her bail and when asked if they could leave the record open, they denied that as well.

Fast forward five months and despite the record having been closed she requests another bail hearing. This time she is suddenly very happily married to Scott Borgerson with his two children who she makes lunches for and drives to and from school. They think of her as their “proxy mom.” Letters are presented that write of their obvious love for one another and the happy home in which they live. Borgerson writes a letter stating that the Ghislaine he knows is both loving and kind and not capable of the crimes she is being accused of. He claims the reason he did not come forward before was due to the harassment and threats he had been receiving. Her net worth is now, suddenly, 22.5M and he is offering all of it plus an additional 5M from friends and family for her bond.

There are so many lies here it is hard to know where to start. Apparently, Maxwell married Borgerson in 2016. She sold her NYC townhome for 15.5M and transferred the proceeds into Tidewood LLC and purchased the Manchester By the Sea property where Borgerson and Maxwell lived. She went by the name of Jennifer Ellmax. They also formed the Angara Trust with her sister Christine and purchased a townhouse in Boston. When Epstein was arrested and subsequently found hanging in his cell another LLC was formed, Granite Reality, (the name of the street where Borgerson’s property with his ex-wife is.) That LLC purchased the New Hampshire property where Maxwell was living alone under the name of Jen Marshall when she was arrested the following year. So, in actual reality, the 22.5M they are said to be worth is Maxwell’s money. Borgerson is reported to have brought just $200,000 to the table when they married. She lied about her marriage. She lied about her finances. She lied about her whereabouts. She lied about her identity.

Was Maxwell lying about the divorce or is she now lying about the happy marriage? Was this the first her husband, Scott Borgerson, heard about the divorce or is he in on the lie? On top of these lies there is a question about the actual ownership of the NYC townhouse. It was purchased by an LLC belonging to Jeffrey Epstein. It was reported that the proceeds from the sale went into a joint account with Epstein and then transferred to Maxwell alone and then back to another LLC with Epstein before going into the Tidewood LLC. Was the marriage just a business arrangement from the start? A way to get the money out of her name and keep it from the victims? Is she now a partner in CargoMetrics, Borgerson’s company? After all, it was in 2016 Borgerson got the richest man in Israel, Idan Offer, and other billion-dollar investors to invest in CargoMetrics and his company was suddenly valued at 100M. Borgerson claims to have never met Epstein. Is that even true? The attorney that set up the Granite Reality LLC is John W. Roberts with Nutter, McClennan & Fish. He is also one of the trustees of the Angara Trust. Could this be the same John Roberts that shows up on the flight logs for Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express years earlier?

Does Ghislaine Maxwell not know when she is lying, or does she know and just lie compulsively? Maxwell has plead not guilty to six charges of conspiring and transporting minors to engage in illegal sex acts and perjury. Surely the charges alone point to a psychopathic personality disorder defined as someone who has superficial charm, high intelligence, poor judgment, lack of remorse or shame, impulsivity, grandiose sense of self-worth, pathological lying, manipulative behavior, poor self-control, promiscuous sexual behavior, and criminal versatility. And if one looks for a genetic component, she certainly has that as well when you look up Wikipedia’s Psychopathy in the Workplace and see a photo of none other than her father, Robert Maxwell.

It’s been reported that 73% of female inmates are mentally ill. Should they be in jail then or in some sort of mental rehabilitation? Do we not, as a society, have some sort of responsibility in making sure these criminals are not released only to repeat their crimes? The prison system in this country is currently operating at 103.9 % capacity. And the number of psychiatric hospitals in the US is one tenth of what it was in 1955 and currently only houses 45,000 patients while there are over 50 million people with psychiatric illness. Obviously, both issues need addressing and some way to combine incarceration and mental rehabilitation would be a much better system.

But what would happen in a case like Ghislaine Maxwell should she be found guilty? If she was 25 and facing only 10 years, then maybe she should be eligible for incarceration with mental health rehabilitation. But at 59 years of age and a possible 35 years behind bars she would be 94 years old and, at that point, probably no longer a danger to society. So where does that put Ghislaine Maxwell? Exactly where she belongs: behind bars.